Alice’s Plan

Alice DeWine is the only candidate in the race to put forth a plan that will revolutionize the prosecutor’s office, combat the drug epidemic, and work efficiently to protect Greene County families.

Alice will lead on day one with four E’s: Education, Enforcement, Empathy, and Efficiency:


Even at a very young age, children and youth of Greene County need to receive age-appropriate education that builds the inner strength and character to resist drug temptation they will confront as they move through school.


Drug traffickers, especially those dealing in deadly drugs, must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law without compromise. It must become common knowledge that Greene County is a hostile environment for drug trafficking, and that the prosecutor will protect every child in the county with the same determination with which she protects her own children.


It is a responsibility of the prosecutor to marshal a full range of community resources to get users into treatment and get them well. Alice is committed to collaborate with community partners to help those who suffer from drug abuse.


We can do more. Alice knows the office can be run more efficiently so more resources can be dedicated to keeping our community safe and putting criminals behind bars.

Additionally, Alice is dedicated to getting justice for our most vulnerable victims - our children. That’s why Alice will name a team to prosecute child abuse cases and make sure that they are a priority moving forward.